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Dr. Jan Snyder Ph.D

Dr. Jan Snyder is a clinical and forensic psychologist with a private practice located in Downtown Easton, Pennsylvania. Her office is centrally located in the historic National Building close to highways and bridges linking the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania to Northwest New Jersey. She is licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Her clinical practice involves the psychological assessment and treatment of adults. Dr. Snyder's primary treatment orientation is psychodynamic, although she employs other approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapies, when appropriate.

It is important that treatment be tailored to individual needs and that there is a good fit between therapist and patient. The therapy "relationship" is central to healing and provides the support and insight often necessary for relieving painful anxious or depressive symptoms and work or relationship problems.

Dr. Snyder believes that a patient's personal history inevitably influences current functioning but does not have to determine his or her future. Furthermore, past history requires close examination only when it restricts or prevents the ability to love, work, and otherwise live fully in the present. For example, difficult early relationships or traumas can skew our understanding and experience of others and the world around us, adversely affecting how we think, feel and behave in personal and work settings. Gaining awareness of these mental processes can enormously benefit our emotional and physical health and lead to greater satisfaction and success.


Dr. Snyder also practices in the legal arena, evaluating individuals involved in the criminal justice system. These court-related evaluations involve such matters as competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and violence risk assessments.

A long-standing participant and presenter at the Postdoctoral Program in Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, she has benefitted from the expertise of highly regarded pioneers in this field. Her own presentations at the professional seminar include: Psychopathy: The Ability of a Diagnosis to Predict and Warn, Current Controversies in the Diagnosis of Psychopathy and Improving Forensic Reports.

Additionally, she has received continuing education from the American Academy of Forensic Psychology and programs offered through the American Psychology-Law Division of the American Psychological Association, as well as the John Jay College of Criminal Science. Recently, Dr. Snyder completed extensive training programs for Assessing and Managing Risk for General Violence, Sexual Violence, Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence as well as Mental Illness and Violence Risk.


Her initial career was in journalism, having earned a degree in broadcast communications from The American University in Washington, D.C. (1976). Later, while employed as a writer, producer and broadcaster in the News Bureau of the University of Pennsylvania, she became interested in psychological topics.

She pursued a master's degree at Penn's School of Graduate Education, Psychological Studies, (1991) while serving as a clinical coordinator of the Department of Psychiatry Bipolar Disorder Research Treatment Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

She continued to work as a researcher in Penn's Psychiatry Department and the affiliated Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center studying the role of personality, specifically antisocial and psychopathic types, in treatment outcomes.

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Dr. Snyder maintains hospital privileges at Saint Luke's University Health Network where she previously served as psychological consultant to the Sleep Disorders Program. She has provided clinical supervision of behavioral health therapists and diagnostic evaluations of hospitalized patients.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association, and its Independent Practice and American Law-Psychology Divisions, the Lehigh Valley Psychological Association and the Society for Personality Assessment.


She is licensed to practice psychology in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

PA# PS009133L

NJ# 35S100423200